PASA Membership

PASA - Types of Membership

The Association through its General Assembly may determine periodic Membership Fees or Subscriptions, payable by each member concerned as a condition and consequence of membership. Differential fees/subscriptions may be determined in respect of different classes or categories of members.

Ordinary Membership is available to South African Publishers who satisfy the eligibility and admission requirements of the Association and who are deemed acceptable to the General Council.

Associate Membership is available to persons (including juristic persons), who although not themselves publishers are nevertheless involved with activities associated with aspects of publishing in the Republic, and who are acceptable to the General Council.

Honorary Life Membership may be offered to any person who on the recommendation of the General Council, and with the approval of the General Assembly of Members, is acknowledged as having given exceptional service to the publishing industry in South Africa.

PASA offer the following programmes:

  • Book Fairs:
    The Fairs provide platform for publishers, especially small publishers, to market themselves locally and internationally at the London Book Fair and the Frankfurt Book Fair.
  • International Publishing Industry Participation:
    PASA represents the South African industry on an international level in platforms like the African Publishers’ Network (APNET), the International Publishers’ Association (IPA) and International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation (IFRRO).
  • Publishing Industry Statistics:
    PASA conducts an annual publishing industry survey and provides members with access to this information. The information on industry statistics, communicated through the PASA website  and email system( is used widely by people and institutions inside and outside publishing.
  • Directory:
    PASA produces the Directory of members in hard copy and on the website. This is a list of members with details about their business and contact addresses. It is a valuable resource for individuals, government departments – especially the Education Department, Booksellers, Librarians, Authors and affiliated organisations.
  • Representation:
    PASA offers representation of its members on various issues affecting the industry to relevant government bodies and stakeholders through its structures. This representation leads to the opening up of channels of communication with relevant government departments and other stakeholders.
  • Networking opportunities:
    PASA creates opportunities for publishers to have contact with other industries within the supply chain e.g. South African Booksellers’ Association (SABA), Print Media Association of South Africa (PMA), Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC (PIFSA), Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA) and Paper Manufacturers’ Association of South Africa (PAMSA).

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