PASA and the Copyright Amendment Bill

Pursuing the recommendations of the Copyright Review Commission (2011), the South African Department of Trade and Industry released the first version of the Copyright Amendment Bill in 2015. PASA supported the need expressed by numerous copyright stakeholders for a review of the 1978 Copyright Act and its regulations. After comprehensive feedback from stakeholders – in which many raised severe concerns about the direction the Bill was taking and the drafting errors it contained – the revised Copyright Amendment Bill was published in 2017.

PASA has participated in the consultation process throughout, presenting in parliament during public hearings and submitting written comments on the Bill on behalf of its members.

The documents submitted are available below.

The report of the Copyright Review Commission, mentioned above, is available here for background reading:

Download: Copyright Review Commission Report

The Draft Copyright Amendment Bill, 2015

“In summary, PASA’s view is that modernisation of copyright is desirable, but should not be rushed. The current draft Bill is ample demonstration that rushing the drafting of legislation not only leads to clerical errors, but errors in design and concept, which can only lead to faulty implementation.”

Download the full submission here:

Download: PASA Submission to DTI – Draft Copyright Amendment Bill 20150916

The Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill, 2017

The Draft Copyright Amendment Bill of 2015 aimed to revise both the Copyright Act and the Performers’ Protection Act to protect performers’ rights.

In 2017, two separate bills were published for commentary: The Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill and the revised Copyright Amendment Bill.

PASA submitted commentary on the Performers’ Protection Amendment Bill, stating that its interest in the Bill is largely limited to items which it expects will have equivalents in the Copyright Amendment Bill, once it is introduced. The submission therefore focuses on three topics:

  • The need for South Africa to become a party to international treaties on copyright and, by extension, performers’ rights
  • Strengthening the rights of authors and publishers and, by extension, performers, in accordance with international norms
  • Miscellaneous points on the conceptualisation and drafting of the Bill.

Download the full submission here:

Download: PASA Submission Performers Protection Amendment Bill 6 Feb 2017

The Copyright Amendment Bill, 2017

The point of departure in PASA’s submission on the 2017 Copyright Amendment Bill is that the legislator has the opportunity to create effective and meaningful legislation that will advance the interests of authors, artists and composers and the creative industries as a whole by protecting their interests, whilst creating a sustainable equilibrium between incentivising local creators, and the needs of consumers of content. This approach will support copyright’s founding social purpose of encouraging learning.

PASA proceeds to submit that:

“The Bill in the form as introduced to Parliament, due to the many faults in its preparation and drafting [...] is not a starting point to develop effective legislation.”

In its submission on the 2017 Bill, PASA recommends fast-tracking some proposed amendments, subjecting other provisions to proper consultation and assessment, while excluding certain proposed amendments entirely.

In two annexures to the submission, PASA expounds the role and function of book publishers, as well as PASA’s position on copyright and the public interest.

Download the full submission here, as well as the two annexures:

PwC Report: The expected impact of the ‘fair use’ provisions and exceptions for education in the Copyright Amendment Bill on the South African publishing industry

In the absence of any independent socio-economic impact and regulatory assessment by the legislator, PASA commissioned PriceWaterhouseCooper (PwC) to assess the anticipated impact of the Bill’s ‘fair use’ provisions and the copyright exceptions for education and other institutions on the South African book publishing industry.

Amongst other things, the report states:

“[A] weighted 33% decrease in sales [is] expected. In many cases the response to these negative impacts would be significant restructuring, retrenchments and – in some cases – business closure. On a weighted basis, a 30% decline in employment is expected in the event that the Bill is promulgated. It is also likely that the volume of imported publications will increase and exports will decrease. South Africa would become more dependent on imported knowledge production.”

The full report is available here:

Download: Pwc Report On Copyright Amendment Bill - 31 July 2017

Supplementary submissions

In addition, PASA, in conjunction with DALRO, the Dramatic Arts and Literary Rights Organisation, sent the following supplementary submissions to elucidate existing positions and provide new information.

Copyright Amendment Bill, 2018

On 19 June, the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry invited submissions from stakeholders on a closed list of 21 provisions included in the revised Copyright Amendment Bill, 2018. PASA’s submission in response to this invitation is available below.

Download: Pasa Submission Copyright Amendment Bill

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