Knowledge Thirst Media

KTM is a vibrant company
possessing visionary and innovative learning materials.
The Phapo’s Gift series aims to teach life skills to
primary school learners, specifically about HIV/AIDS
and abstinence. Cracking China, a funny and insightful
memoir about a South African teaching English in
China, aims to introduce Chinese culture to high
school learners, university students, business people
and armchair travellers. The classical comics series
brings Shakespeare, Dickens, Brontë, etc. to life in
dramatically compelling and beautifully illustrated
graphic novels. 1001 Inventions details scientific
educational, cultural influences during the so-called
‘Dark Ages’, thus filling a gap in the standard school


  • KTM Classical Comics, 1001 Inventions

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  • African Languages - All African Languages

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  • Book

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    PO Box 32220, Kyalami,
    Midrand, 1684

    Province: Gauteng

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Director: Siraj Ghoor

(0)84 770 5522

P/Assistant: Ojonla Lekomo

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